The Best Damn Pooper Scooper Ever!

Tired of the daily pet waste hassle? Say goodbye to the frustration, and hello to the extraordinary! 

Alpha Scooper's commercial-grade patented pet waste tool will revolutionize the way you handle your pet's mess.

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Saves Time & Money 

  • JAWS Technology: The claws dig deep, leaving your yard cleaner and your work more efficient. Side guards ensure nothing falls out prematurely.
  • Yard Health: Specially designed claws prevent grass damage by allowing the blades to slip through its teeth unharmed.

Ergonomic Excellence

  • Back-Saving Length: At 38 inches, Alpha Scooper keeps you standing tall. No more painful bending or straining your back or knees. Cleanup becomes a walk in the park!
  • Light Weight: Weighing under 1 pound, you won't be fatigued and will have more energy for friends and family.
  • EZ Grip Handle: Designed with your comfort in mind, Alpha Scooper's ergonomic grip ensures you won't suffer from hand fatigue. 

Additional Benefits

Extra Large Capacity 

Whether you have a small pup or a giant furball, our scooper's extra-large capacity ensures you can handle even the messiest situations with ease. It's the ultimate cleanup companion for pets of all sizes.

Built to Last

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, Alpha Scooper is rust-resistant and can lift up to 3 pounds!. It's a durable choice for pet owners who demand the best.

Don't Forget The Cats

Works just as well in the litter box as it does in the yard.  At 38 inches long, you no longer have to bend over and put your hands and face in the stinky zone. 

Designed & Tested By The Professionals

Alpha Scooper re-engineered the waste scooper from square one to solve all the common problems. The design was perfected over 5 years, and 20,000 yards.

All-Season Champion

Rain or shine, Winter or Summer, Alpha Scooper is up for the task. It's suitable for use on grass, rocks, sand, mulch, or dirt, giving you versatility like never before.

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